Yesterdays’ Symposium was met with great success. Comments include people learning so much, identifying people they are already working with as human trafficking victims, and hearing a survivor’s perspective for the first time. 178 people attended yesterday to show their support in ending Human Trafficking.

We learned about internet safety for our children, how to build rapport with victims, about the anti-trafficking efforts in the state of Florida, and how we can actively help end trafficking by doing simple things in our day to day lives.

A special thank you to the Columbia High School Thespian Group #2934 for sharing their pantomime depicting the realities of trafficking in our country. Also, thank you to the Outreach & Awareness subcommittee of the Gateway to Fr33dom Human Trafficking Task Force for planning yesterday’s activities and to the Columbia County School District for donating the venue.

-Leslie Hersey, Community Engagement Specialist, LSF Health Systems

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